21 Easy & Creative DIY Phone Cases to Jazz Up Your Phone

Make a Glitter DIY Phone Case in Four Easy Steps! #DIY #craft

These are the most creative DIY phone cases. These are the favorites, so read through them to make the very best creative phone case that anyone else has!

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DIY Cell Phone Case Design

DIY Cell Phone Case Design #DIY #craft


Make Your Very Own Cell Phone Case There’s tons of designer cell phone cases out there and choosing one that “defines you” can be a bit tricky. Sifting through all the different brands and models is daunting, especially if you’re taking everything into consideration like how the case feels, how it will fit in your…

Follow the link for the guidelines on this website.


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DIY Phone Case with Your Hot Glue Gun

Stop! Before You Buy That Expensive Phone Case, Watch How You Can Make A DIY Version With Your Hot Glue Gun! #DIY #craft


Click the link for the guide here.


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Make A DIY Phone Case That Organizes Cards And Cords

How do you make a cheap phone case double as a wallet—and also as a cord organizer? Just get creative, and add a pocket for cards and cash and an elastic strap for wrangling earbuds and chargers. The pocket can be crafted from real or faux leather, or even sturdy felt, as long as you use the right adhesive for the material you’re attaching. Now when you head out to the park or run a quick erra…

Make sure to follow the instructions here.


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DIY Photo Cell Phone Case

Hi, friends! Today, I’m sharing a super simple craft project for dressing up your mobile phone. Not only…

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Cell Phone Cases (Cute And Easy!!)

Here are a few of my favorite handmade cell phone cases and they are all super easy and inexpensive to make! Don’t forget to subscribe for new vids every M-W…

Check out the tutorial.


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Personalize A Phone Case Using Your Cricut Explore

Create a Cricut Phone Case using your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker. Choose from hundreds of trendy designs available in Cricut Design Space.

Make sure to follow the guide.


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Upcycle An Old Tie And Sew A Cool DIY Phone Case

Upcycle an Old Tie and Sew a Cool DIY Phone Case #DIY #craft


Create a simple yet unique DIY phone case by upcycling an old necktie! Do this project in an hour and you have saved yourself a lot of money!

Follow the link for the details.


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‘Dear Evan Hansen’ DIY Phone Case To Indulge The Crafty Theatre Nerd

We Are Thespians!

See the tutorial on this website.


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DIY Personalized Bling Phone Case

DIY personalized bling phone case #DIY #craft


Tired of boring black? Here’s how to create a colourful, charm-filled phone case in 6 simple steps.

Make sure to follow the details.


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DIY Washi Phone Case

If you have an iPhone (like me) and a talent for dropping said iPhone (like me) then a good impact-proof case is a must. However, those strong cases are never cute. I need cute! I’d been usin…

See the instructions.


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DIY Easy & Super-Cute Phone Case!

Instructions for an easy DIY cute phone case! You can personalize it and choose whatever colors you like for an easy, inexpensive, super-cute phone case!

Read the details.


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DIY Phone Cases

DIY phone cases and party! #DIY #craft


People! So excited to let you know that I’ve teamed up with Sprint to host a DIY phone case decorating party (pre Mother’s Day) that you get to come to for FREE and get a case and supplies to decorate for FREE! No strings attached! If you’re in the LA area, please come hang out […]

Click the link for the tutorial on this website.


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DIY Denim Phone Case

I don’t know about you guys but I beat my poor phone up – it spends most of its time in my somewhat large bag, along with many other things that knock around with it, and I’ve seen enough cracked phone screens to know that I need a more protective case for it. I have …

Click the link for the guide on this website.


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Customize Your Phone With Easy DIY Printable Case

Customize Your Phone with Easy DIY Printable Case *with Special Bonus Features! #DIY #craft


Instead of buying a case to match your every mood, why not buy a clear one and swap out interchangeable DIY phone case paper inserts?

Follow the link for the guide on this website.


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DIY The Prettiest Phone Case With A Little Bit Of Nail Polish

DIY the prettiest phone case with a little bit of nail polish #DIY #craft


Keep yourself busy this summer with fun DIY projects like this nail polish dotted phone case, which is super easy to make!

Follow the link for the guidelines.


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How To Make DIY Custom Phone Cases For FREE With A Hot Glue Gun

Want to make your own custom phone case? Protect your phone with a super cool case you can be proud of… All you need is a hot glue gun and wax paper.

See the guide here.


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This Phone Case Acts Like A “Mobile Airbag” To Protect Your Phone When Dropped

If it’s not parachutes for drones it’s airbags for phones. Humanity seems obsessed with things falling or being dropped these days. While we hope that drones falling from the sky doesn’t happen often, phones fall and get damaged all the time. Especially when scrambling around at a location trying to shoot photos with them. German …

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DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

With fall just a few days away – it feels like it’s already here in Western New York…we’ve had some chilly days! – we thought these phone cases would be a nice way to keep a bit of summer around! We love our new phone cases and this project is pretty simple and quick to do! We collected some…

See the instructions on this website.


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DIY Customized Phone Case

Technology never looked this edible (and sparkly, and sentimental).

Click the link for the guidelines on this website.


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Card Holder Phone Case

Make your own Iphone case, including a phone case DIY card holder! Repurpose an old silicone phone cover and sew leather at the back with a simple embroidery stitch!

Follow the link for the details here.


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Make A Glitter DIY Phone Case In Four Easy Steps!

Make a DIY phone case with glitter and Mod Podge in four easy steps! Make several glitter phone cases – they’re great for gifts!

Read the details.


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