17 Easy & Unique DIY Bracelets You Can Make as a Gift

DIY Friendship Bracelet #DIY #crafts #jewelry

These are only the easiest DIY bracelets. We’ve picked our top choices, so check them out and make your own unique bracelet for yourself or as a gift!

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How To Make A Friendship Bracelet


Keep the kids busy on a rainy day with this simple activity. Make a DIY friendship bracelet. Complete step by step instructions and images.

Read the guidelines here.



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DIY Shell Bracelet From Honestly WTF


This guest post is courtesy of our friends Honestly WTF! Summer may soon be coming to an end, but that isn’t preventing us from taking a piece of the beach with us into fall. 

Click the link for the details.



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DIY Bracelet: Glammed Up Hex Nut Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Glammed Up Hex Nut Bracelet #DIY #crafts #jewelry



This DIY jewelry tutorial will show you how to make a glammed up version of the classic hex nut bracelet. Complete with photos & step-by-step instructions

Check out the details here.



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DIY Bracelet + Earrings


A DIY bracelet and matching earrings made from sea glass by Stephanie Gerber of Henry Happened for The Sweetest Occasion

See the tutorial here.



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Venessa Arizaga DIY Bracelet


Latin designer Venessa Arizaga shows you how to get a super cute and one-of-a-kind bracelet.

Click the link for the tutorial.



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DIY Bracelet From Wire And Resin

DIY Bracelet From Wire and Resin #DIY #crafts #jewelry



Resin is a great way to turn odds and ends into stunning jewelry, as this bracelet featuring wire salvaged from telephone cable clearly illustrates.

Follow the link for the instructions on this website.



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How To Make A Morse Code Bracelet


A beautiful and fun craft that makes a great homemade gift!

Make sure to follow the tutorial here.



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DIY Multi-Strand Bracelet


How to make a simple multi-strand bracelet. Black leather cord and rose gold beads.

Click the link for the tutorial here.



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Pearl + Pewter Layers


This easy DIY leather bracelet is a simple design of 2 layers of leather cord with pearls and pewter rings for a natural, casual look. 

Follow the link for the guide.



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DIY Recipes From Søstrene Grene


Find inspiration for leather bracelet with Søstrene Grene. We always have many great ideas for creative projects for the whole family.

Follow the link for the guide here.



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Wonderful DIY Leaves Friendship Bracelet


Summer is finally here in USA! What does that mean? BRACELETS! The perfect, easy accessory to get you through the summer months. Are you a fan of

Follow the link for the tutorial.



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DIY Aromatherapy Bracelet


Certified holistic nutritionist Sophie Uliano is making her own aromatherapy bracelet with beads, charms and essential oils.

Check out the tutorial on this website.



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Dainty DIY: How To Make A Classic Beaded Ribbon Bracelet


Good morning! Today, Bettina Johnson is sharing one of her tutorials for Make This. I‘ll be back tomorrow with 5 Faves. And if you’re looking for some biz inspiration, my newest Scoutie Girl post is up: knowing when it’s time to soar. I hope you had an awesome weekend. 

See the guidelines.



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DIY Friendship Bracelet

DIY Friendship Bracelet #DIY #crafts #jewelry



The arm party is here to stay, so why not add another to your collection with a DIY friendship bracelet? Mine took about 30 minutes to make and cost just a few dollars.

Read the guide here.



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DIY Bracelet Manual


So here it is. Our very own how to tie THE KNOT manual. Take a good look and have a go for yourself. We’re curious how many times before you’ll get it right! Also be creative, there are many cords you | The one I love…

Click the link for the guidelines here.



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How To Make Tiffany Pratt’s DIY Bangle Bracelet Holder (It Costs Next To Nothing!)

How to Make Tiffany Pratt's DIY Bangle Bracelet Holder (It Costs Next to Nothing!) #DIY #crafts #jewelry



Looking for a quick and cute solution for your overflowing jewellery collection? Try your hand at my budget-friendly DIY bangle holder to get your closet and vanity organized. It keeps everything arranged neatly, on display for easy access (so you can quickly grab one more bangle for your stack…you can never have too many!).

Tiffany Pratt is the Queen of Craft. Known for her signature colour…

Read the guidelines on this website.



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DIY Bracelet For Teens


Unique Confetti Surprise Bracelets, DIY bracelet for teens includes gorgeous natural stone, beautiful glass, and stunning mixed metal beads. 

Follow the link for the guide.



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