5 Quick and Easy DIY Dice Towers That Will Make Board Games More Fun

diy dice tower

Here’s how to make a tabletop board game even more fun. By taking on a small woodworking project you can make a DIY dice tower that will make playing all that much more fun.

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DIY Budget Dice Tower Tutorial

In honor of my upcoming D&D session this weekend, I decided I wanted to build a dice tower. I wanted to design one with a Plinko theme to it, so here’s the build video! This should cost you around $5 and take about 10 minutes to make.

See the guidelines on this website.


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How to Make a Dice Tower Step By Step Guideline for Beginners

Imagine this scenario. A group of friends watching the American TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’. The four friends, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Rajesh are playing their favorite board game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. After finishing the episode, one of the friends says, ‘Hey! We should be playing this game!’

Follow the link for the guide.


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DIY Gamer’s Dice Tower and Tray

Make your own Dice Tower and Dice Tray to enhance your gaming fun. FREE PLANS for conventional tools if you don’t (yet) own an X-Carve!

See the tutorial.


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Making a Formboard Dice Tower

You can make one of these from foamboard and you don’t need to use wood at all. Here’s the tutorial on Instructables.


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Quick and Easy Dice Tower

There’s not easier way to make a tower fomr wood than this Instructable.

Check it out.


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