18 Easy Cool DIY Fidget Spinners That Look Better Than Store-Bought

This is how to make your own fidget spinner #DIY #toys #crafts

Here are the best DIY fidget spinners you can make at home. We’ve picked the favorites so be sure to check them all out!

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DIY Fidget Spinner with The Cynical Crafter

DIY fidget spinner with The Cynical Crafter #DIY #toys #crafts


Be hip, cool and rad with this DIY based on the popular toy

See the tutorial.


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Lego DIY Fidget Spinner

Learn how to make your own DIY fidget spinner out of Legos! Chances are you have these fun blocks in your home, and with them you can make the Lego DIY Fidget Spinner. The fun craft idea combines so many great activities into one project: building with Legos, choosing what fun colors to use, and then spinning the fidget spinner! This project is a craft and …

Follow the link for the guide.


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You Can Now Make Your Own Fidget Spinner Thanks to LEGO

You Can Now Make Your Own Fidget Spinner Thanks to LEGO #DIY #toys #crafts


There’s a guide to making your own version of the popular toy

Make sure to follow the instructions on this website.


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Teen DIY Fidget Spinner

Read the tutorial on this website.


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DIY Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

We were just getting started last week with our simple guide on how to make a golden snitch – this week, we’re bringing you the real deal: A DIY Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner! Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner Craft We’re making our way through the Harry Potter series, so you can expect to see a lot …

Read the guide.


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Make Your Own Fidget Spinner

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably already know how crazy popular fidget spinners have become in the last 3 months! It’s absolutely insane, but playing with these toys can be a great way to begin fidgeting in the world of science! Fidget spinners work because of physics! That’s right! Kids sit, play and spin these toys, but may … Read More

Follow the link for the tutorial here.


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How to Make a DIY Fidget Spinner

Build your own diy fidget spinner with building blocks. Put together LEGOs to make a diy fidget spinner for kids to use while at home or in class…

Click the link for the tutorial on this website.


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How to Build a Fidget Spinner with LEGO Bricks

Love this post? Then pass it on!Have you heard of fidget spinners?  Originally introduced as a fidget tool for kids with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, they have exploded in popularity with kids everywhere!  My boys heard about them from neighbor kids and wanted one of their own, so we ordered one from Amazon.

Click the link for the tutorial here.


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DIY Fidget Spinner without Skate Bearings

Amy over at Mom Spark is far more down with what the kids are into so when she asked if I could make a fidget spinner I kind of pulled out a big ol’ question mark. A quick Google search showed these little three legged thingamabobs that you hold in your hand and spin. Hey! I didn’t know what they did or what they were called but I’ve totally seen those before!

Follow the link for the details on this website.


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How to Make a Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are all the rage right now, but you don’t have to buy one! We are going to show you how to make a fidget spinner with just a few supplies.

Follow the link for the guidelines on this website.


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DIY Fidget Spinner Craft

Create a one-of-a-kind fidget spinner that stands out from the rest!

Click the link for the guide on this website.


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DIY Fidget Spinner Colorful Designs

My six year-old has forgotten about his fidget spinner. It sits lonely and still on his bedroom dresser. I find myself spinning it each time I go into his room hoping to bring back the magic that was once there when he first received it. But no magic has returned. It still sits lonely. But I have an idea on how to bring the magic back…

Check out the tutorial.


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How to Make Your Own DIY Fidget Spinner

This could save you some serious cash.

Check out the tutorial here.


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Glue 3 Metal Washers to a Scrap of Cardboard, Then Add a Toothpick for DIY Fidget Spinner

In the past few months, parents and grandparents everywhere have been inundated with one request from their kids and grandkids: Can I have a fidget spinner? Fidget spinners, which only cost a few dollars, are all the rage among school-aged kids. Even teens and adults have gotten in on the craze, buying these funky, colorful…

Read the tutorial on this website.


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This DIY Fidget Spinner is So Much Prettier Than the Store-Bought Kind

It’s crafty, creative and fun to play with.

Check out the guidelines.


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This is how to make your own fidget spinner

Why not jump on the 2017 bandwagon while getting creative

Read the details.


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How to Make a Fidget Spinner DIY

If you are Fidget Spinner CRAZY, you must try this Fidget Spinner DIY. It is the easiest Fidget Spinner DIY I have seen on the internet and REALLY WORKS.

Click the link for the tutorial here.


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Easy Fidget Spinner WITHOUT Bearings TEMPLATE

PART 2 of How to make a fidget spinner DIY: FREE DIY Fidget Spinner TEMPLATE – make your own Fidget Spinner without bearings.

Click the link for the guidelines here.


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