5 Easy DIY Kayak Carts That You Can Build on a Budget

Kayaking is an awesome sport especially if you have your own kayak. But taking it to the kayaking stop can be expensive if you don’t own your cart too. Here’s how to save and make your own DIY kayak cart.

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How to Make a Kayak Cart Out of a Golf Bag Cart

This is so easy, it’s embarrassing. Here is how to make your own kayak cart out of an old golf bag cart.

Click the link for the guide on this website.


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DIY Canoe Cart

Source: www.wcha.org

I was walking through Tractor Supply and noticed some wheels on sale, so I picked up two for $24 and began planning my canoe cart.

Click the link for the instructions here.


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DIY Kayak Cart

pvc kayak cart
Source: youtube.com

I have a blast making things for the Kayak to make life easier and less painful. Here’s one of my latest videos.

Follow the link for the instructions.


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DIY Wooden Kayak Cart

Read the guide.


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How To Build A DIY Kayak Cart (Step By Step)

It’s not easy to get your kayak down to the water, especially if you’re on your own. Make a DIY Kayak cart so you can save a ton of money or …

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