6 Easy DIY Kayak Motors on a Budget

Mounting a trolling motor on your kayak may be as simple as drilling a few goals but there a few caveats. Let’s check out our favorite DIY kayak motor tutorials.

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How to Build a Motorized Kayak

How to Build a Motorized Kayak
Source: geekbeat.tv

Want to know how to build a motorized kayak? Here’s a full tutorial on how I did it.

See the tutorial.


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Dual-Motor SIP&PUFF Controlled Kayak System

Dual-Motor SIP&PUFF Controlled Kayak System:

A highly disabled (quadriplegic) person can fully control this kayak via a SIP & PUFF Switch!

My design is a stand-alone fixture consisting of a Deck Plate that can be fastened to ANY kayak.

Follow the link for the tutorial here.


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Kayak Go-Kart Old School DIY Kayak Motor Build

Watch the tutorial.


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DIY Kayak Trolling Motor Mod

This is the easiest way to install a trolling motor on your kayak! Using the new Bixpy pole steering adapter you can easily steer your kayak around.

Make sure to follow the guide here.


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DIY Electric Kayak Motor

Building a trolling motor. It uses an 18V brushed dc motor and planetary gearbox from a cordless drill. Test power is from an 18V, 50W solar panel.

Watch the guide here.


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Long Range Electric Kayak Build

Watch the video for the details.


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