15 Cute DIY Pet Rocks for Your Kids and Home Garden Decor

Create the cutest pet rocks with your kids or for your garden and home decor. Here are the most creative DIY pet rock ideas for you to choose from.

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DIY Fluffy Pet Rocks

Fluffy pet rocks #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: www.thecrafttrain.com

Create adorable fluffy pet rocks with pom pom trimmings. This is a simple rock craft idea for kids and makes a cute kid-made gift idea

Click the link for the tutorial.


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DIY Safari Pet Rocks

Safari Pet Rocks #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: www.loveyourlittles.com

Pet rocks are the greatest alternative to real pets for animal-loving children! I am definitely in the minority, but I do not love animals.

See the tutorial here.


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DIY Pet Cactus Rocks

Pet Cactus Rocks #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: www.thebestideasforkids.com

Did you have a pet rock as a kid? We have seen some really fun adult version cactus rocks and thought it would be fun to make pet cactus rocks for kids.

Read the instructions here.


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DIY Concrete Smiling Stones

DIY Concrete Smiling Stones #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: www.madebybarb.com

Cast some teeth and make some toothy stones that will make everyone laugh. Quick, easy and inexpensive project with detailed tutorial.

Follow the link for the details.


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DIY Pet Rock Garden

How to Make a Rock Garden for Your Pet Rock! DIY Craft. #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: mycrafts.com

In this video, I show you how to make a rock garden for your pet rocks and/or your pet seashells. These is a simple and fun to make craft for kids.

Click the link for the instructions.


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DIY Olaf Pet Rocks

DIY Olaf Pet Rocks #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: hydrangeahippo.com

DIY Olaf Pet Rocks that you can make with TULIP fabric paint and a few basic supplies. Great for Girl Scout troops or parties. Full directions and supplies.

Check out the details.


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DIY Painted Pet Rocks

How to Paint Rocks: Rock Painting Ideas for Kids #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: rhythmsofplay.com

Learn how to paint rocks and explore the best rock painting ideas for kids with any of the awesome ideas and rock painting tips for children below. My daughter and I LOVE painting rocks together.

Read the instructions.


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DIY Panda Pet Rocks

DIY #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: mommyknows.com

Follow the link for the guidelines.


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DIY Rock Cactus Craft

DIY Rock Cactus Craft #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: www.easypeasyandfun.com

If you’re one of those who can’t keep a plant alive (I am) this DIY rock cactus craft is just the thing to make! Rock painting is great activity both for kids and grown ups.

Follow the link for the guidelines on this website.


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DIY PET ROCK PRINTABLES #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: www.hellowonderful.co


Make sure to follow the details.


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DIY Pet Rock Party Favors

DIY Pet Rock Party Favors #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: awesomesauceasshattery.com

Create some diy pet rock party favors in upcycled wrapping with my quick tutorial. Includes my free printable Pet Rock Care instructions.

Follow the link for the tutorial here.


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DIY Ladybug Pet Rocks

June Bug DIY: Pet Rocks for the Garden #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: blog.ashleyfurniture.com

Looking for a fun activity that gets your little June bugs out of the house? Here’s an exercise that by combining paint, stones, and a little creativity will literally rock their socks off. Let’s get ready to turn some ordinary rocks into cute ladybugs!

Follow the link for the details.


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DIY Pet Rocks

DIY Pet Rocks #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: patchworkcactus.com

My kids are obsessed with creating scavenger hunts with random toys, now they have DIY pet rocks to do it with. Here’s how we made them.

Click the link for the guide.


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DIY Pet Rocks

DIY Pet Rocks #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: alphamom.com

Looking for an easy-peasy craft for fun summer activity? Here’s our tutorial on how to whip up some Pet Rocks, a blast from our childhood past.

Follow the link for the details on this website.


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DIY Animal Pet Rocks

Pet Rocks Are so Easy to Care for #DIY #craft #toys #petrock
Source: www.thesprucecrafts.com

Painted rocks make great “pets” for kids! Paint an animal, draw a face or create a cool design–let your imagination soar with these pet rock ideas.

Click the link for the instructions.


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