10 Easy to Make DIY Saddle Shoes Ideas

Make DIY saddle shoes as a throwback to 50s that’s all the rage and trendy right now. Check out our favorite tutorials.

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DIY Saddle Shoes Tutorial

As you know one of my favorite things about making outfits for my kids are in the details. When I made this

Check out the guide.


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DIY Saddle Shoes

Do it with 1 pair of River Club sneakers from National Wholesale Liquidators, a couple of black sharpies, black acrylic paint, a clear acrylic gloss (optional), and a smallish paintbrush.

Check out the guidelines.


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DIY Saddle Shoes Using Sharpie Markers

How to make DIY Saddle Shoes using Sharpie Markers and canvas shoes.This easy project is perfect for the retro girl or for Halloween.

Click the link for the tutorial.


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DIY Faux Saddle Shoes

Need a pair of saddle shoes for a costume or just because they are super cute but don’t want to spend big bucks on them? Make your own cheap (around 6 bucks) pair of faux saddle shoes.

Follow the link for the instructions here.


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DIY a Pair Of Saddle Shoes

Easy, inexpensive way to make saddleshoes for a 50’s costume.

Follow the link for the guide here.


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Updated Saddle Shoes

This is an instructable on how to update saddle shoes with glitter. Saddle shoes were especially popular in the 1940s and 1950s. Today, glitter/metallic flatform sandals have become a noteworthy trend.

Check out the tutorial here.


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DIY Painted Saddle Shoes

Follow the link for the tutorial here.


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Easy DIY Vintage Style Saddle Shoes/Bowling Shoes

Today we are working on a DIY project for Saddle Shoes. So quick and simple to do with great vintage style results.

Follow the link for the guidelines here.


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DIY Sneakers into Saddle Shoes

Follow the link for the details.


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1950’s Inspired Saddle Shoes

Do you want to learn how to make some super cute and easy, yet very inexpensive 1950’s inspired saddle shoes? Then you must watch this video.

Check out the guidelines here.


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