32 Easy & Creative DIY Tablet Cases You Can Make Right Now

Here are the easiest DIY tablet cases. These are the favorites – this is your chance to make a unique tablet case for yourself or as a gift.

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DIY Felt Tablet Case

DIY Felt Tablet Case by lia griffith #DIY #crafts
Source: www.kollabora.com

Make your own DIY felt iPad case and customize it with your favorite colors! The front pocket is stylish and functional, and you can add some cute buttons for a personal touch.

Follow the link for the details on this website.


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DIY Tablet Case

DIY tablet case #DIY #crafts
Source: www.jericdy.com

Follow the link for the tutorial on this website.


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DIY Envelope Clutch (iPad/Tablet Case)

DIY Envelope Clutch (iPad/Tablet Case) #DIY #crafts
Source: namvideo.com

This tutorial shows you how to make an envelope clutch that’s perfect for holding an iPad or tablet. The zipper compartment i…

Check out the guide here.


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Diy Kids Tablet Case

diy kids tablet case #DIY #crafts
Source: ao.com

Follow the link for the instructions here.


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How To Make A Felt Cover For A Smart Phone Or Tablet

How to Make a Felt Cover for a Smart Phone or Tablet #DIY #crafts
Source: www.hgtv.com

Surprise tech-savvy friends with a custom-sewn felt case to protect the iPad, iPhone or iPad mini they received for Christmas this year.

Read the instructions.


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DIY Quilted Tablet Case

Handmade in the Heartland #DIY #crafts
Source: www.handmadeintheheartland.com

I’m super excited that today I’m doing a guest post over at Skip to My Lou, her blog is so fun and I’m super happy I was able to contribute this fun little do it yourself sewing tablet case.  Since receiving this awesome little ASUS  Intel Tablet I knew it needed something adorable to be stored in. …

Click the link for the guide.


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DIY Tablet Cover & Stand

DIY Tablet Cover & Stand #DIY #crafts
Source: thedailyseam.com

It’s a cover, it’s a stand! Make yourself a DIY tablet cover you’ll love!

Follow the link for the guide.


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Make Your Own Tablet Case

DIY: Make Your Own Tablet Case #DIY #crafts
Source: www.wheninmanila.com

When In Manila, there’s no better feeling than being able to create something with your own hands. The thrill of being able to make something with your own hands and with your own design is one of the reasons why everyone’s getting into DIY.   The finished product!For this post, I’ll teach you how to make your …

Make sure to follow the guidelines.


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DIY IPad / Writing Tablet Case

DIY iPad / Writing Tablet Case #DIY #crafts
Source: nathanjurgenson.wordpress.com

I was asked how I built my iPad/writing tablet case. I built it while still waiting for the iPad to come out and it still works like a charm. All you need is an iPad case (I am using this one)

Check out the guidelines on this website.


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DIY Tablet/Kindle Cover

DIY Tablet/Kindle Cover #DIY #crafts
Source: makeit-loveit.com

Learn how to make a DIY Tablet/Kindle Cover out of a cool product called Kraft-Tex!

Check out the details here.


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Make Your Own Stylish IPad Case From A Recycled Bubble Envelope

DIY: Make Your Own Stylish iPad Case from a Recycled Bubble Envelope #DIY #crafts
Source: inhabitat.com

Make a super stylish iPad (or Nook, or Kindle) case from a recycled bubble envelope by following these easy DIY instructions via Creme de la Craft!

Make sure to follow the instructions.


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Make An IPad Case

Make an iPad Case #DIY #crafts
Source: mellysews.com

Sew iPad Case – a Tutorial for a book style tablet cover

Read the details here.


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DIY Table Covers

TravelGround Blog #DIY #crafts
Source: www.travelground.com

See the tutorial on this website.


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DIY IPad Case Made For A Dollar

DIY iPad Case Made for a Dollar #DIY #crafts
Source: modpodgerocksblog.com

This DIY iPad case started as a $1 find from the dollar store! I then decoupaged a fabric scrap to the outside, making it a custom case.

Follow the link for the tutorial.


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DIY BMO Tablet Case

Clever Crochet: DIY BMO Tablet Case — Craft #DIY #crafts
Source: makezine.com

Know an Adventure Time fan in need of an appropriate sheath for their tablet? Now you’re covered with this cleverly crocheted BMO tablet case!

Click the link for the guidelines here.


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DIY Tablet Case By Inspiring Creations

DIY Tablet Case by Inspiring Creations #DIY #crafts
Source: www.u-createcrafts.com

Hi everyone! I am Lindsey, and I am really excited to be guest posting her at UCreate! At my blog Inspiring Creations you can find a little more about me, my free quilt patterns, other fun tutorials, and recipes. I love sharing my creations with others! I hope you will stop by and …

Follow the link for the details.


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DIY Tablet Carrying Case

DIY Tablet Carrying Case #DIY #crafts
Source: www.allfreesewing.com

This is the perfect tablet or laptop carrying case. This pattern allows you to make this bag any size that you want to fit any tablet or laptop that you have. There is a zipper top with a floating zipper for extra room and a zipper pocket in the front for additional items like chargers, pens and pencils. There is a strap that you can make adjustable if you like. I used fusible fleece…

Check out the instructions on this website.


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DIY BTS Infired Tablet Case

DIY BTS Infired tablet case #DIY #crafts
Source: aminoapps.com

This tutorial only has three steps and it’s super easy
You will need clear plastic sheets or you can

Click the link for the guidelines on this website.


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DIY Fabric Tablet Case

DIY Fabric Tablet Case #DIY #crafts
Source: simplymadefun.com

Travel with your electronics in style and learn how to make your very own fabric tablet case with this easy-to-follow tutorial!

Follow the link for the guide.


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How To Make Your Own (mini Or Jumbo) Tablet Sleeve

DIY: how to make your own (mini or jumbo) tablet sleeve #DIY #crafts
Source: arstechnica.com

Commercial sleeves can be expensive, so we teach you how to make your own.

Click the link for the details.


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DIY IPad® Or Tablet Case

DIY iPad® or Tablet Case #DIY #crafts
Source: weallsew.com

Easy to make table sleeve features reverse applique hearts

Make sure to follow the guidelines on this website.


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DIY Tablet Cover

DIY Tablet Cover - #DIY #crafts
Source: flamingotoes.com

Are you still making gifts?! There’s still plenty of time! (At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.)  Well today I have a quick gift idea that only takes a little while to sew up! This Ribbon Tie Tablet Cover is so easy and fun to make! It’s a great way to show off a favorite fabric … Read More about DIY Tablet Cover

See the details.


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DIY Tablet Case

DIY Tablet Case #DIY #crafts
Source: www.skiptomylou.org

This DIY Quilted Tablet Case is a practical way to store a tablet and give a homemade gift. Use up all your scraps!  I love a quick sewing project! Sew up a bunch for perfect handmade gifts this season!  These 20 minute throw pillows are a fun way to update any room in your house. This month we are sharing over 100 handmade gift tutorials. I have teamed up with Thirty Handmade Days and Your…

Follow the link for the guide on this website.


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DIY Ipad Case And Pyramid Solitaire

DIY Ipad Case and Pyramid Solitaire #DIY #crafts
Source: lifesewsavory.com

Make a DIY Ipad Case with this quilted sewing tutorial. Padded Ipad or table cover, easy to make and perfect for keeping your device safe.

Read the instructions on this website.


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DIY iPad Case

Ageberry: helping you succeed in sewing #DIY #crafts
Source: www.ageberry.com

Make your own DIY iPad case/cover. This is easy sewing project from cork fabric. Learn to sew DIY tablet case with this sewing tutorial.

See the guide.


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DIY EReader & Tablet Case! (with Video!)

DIY eReader & Tablet Case! (with video!) #DIY #crafts
Source: theecofriendlyfamily.com

A while back, I wrote about my new found love for eReaders.  I received a Kindle for Christmas and have been somewhat addicted since.  If you don’t have one, I highly suggest getting one, I love mine.  You can pick up a Kindle these days for as little as $114!  In addition to the Kindle …

Make sure to follow the instructions here.


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DIY Tablet Case! No Sew Tablet Case!

DIY Tablet Case! No Sew Tablet Case! #DIY #crafts
Source: someofthisandthat.com

This DIY Tablet case is simple to make and is a no sew project that takes less than 20 minutes to make! Would make a great gift too!

Make sure to follow the instructions on this website.


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A DIY Tablet Case To Make With Your Singer Sewing Machine

A DIY Tablet Case to Make with Your Singer Sewing Machine #DIY #crafts
Source: blogs.hsn.com

I don’t know about you, but I love my tablet! It’s such a convenient way to check my email, watch DIY videos, and of course shop on HSN. However, if you don’t have a case for your tablet, you may not

Make sure to follow the details on this website.


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DIY Kindle Or Tablet Cover

DIY Kindle or Tablet Cover #DIY #crafts
Source: sugarandcloth.com

After squinting my way through the Bahamas, I finally broke down and got a Kindle, so naturally I needed a DIY Kindle or tablet cover to go along with it!

Make sure to follow the instructions here.


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Stylish DIY Tablet Case

Stylish DIY Tablet Case #DIY #crafts
Source: www.diyideacenter.com

Tablet cases are either boring plain black or ridiculously expensive. Save some cash by making your own Stylish DIY Tablet Case! This case can be personalized to your own tastes; just buy your fabric of choice and follow the pattern. With this DIY tablet case, your device will be both fashionable and protected. The jean pocket on this design is super cute a…

Read the details here.


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DIY Hot Glue Gun & Clear Plastic Tablet Cover

DIY Hot Glue Gun & Clear Plastic Tablet Cover #DIY #crafts
Source: www.youtube.com

I used Clear plastic packaging and hot glue gun to make this tablet case.U can skip the glitter paper part if u cant find it,or replace it with any design/pa…

Read the tutorial here.


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DIY Tablet Case

Source: www.youtube.com

How to make case for tablet. Diy tablet case. How to make tablet cover.

Click the link for the details here.


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